Welcome to our Gallery where we would like to show some of our models and activities


A typical Trainer model – this has an ic engine but electric motors are now very common


Master and Pupil – instruction with a dual control ‘Buddy Box’ system


An intermediate aerobatic model – this one is electric powered


An advanced aerobatic model – in the colour scheme of its full size counterpart


A scale model of an Auster looking really good on a fly by


A new model always becomes a talking point on the ‘patch’


Perhaps the most exotic is a turbine powered model


Some members fly in competitions – here at an International World Cup event in France


A Mew Gull scale model – a worthy winner of a scale competition


A Mustang is readied for takeoff with one of our Club Examiners at the controls


No photo can do justice to the detailing on this Sopwith Pup


Indoor flying takes place in the winter months


The ‘Night Vapor’ is a popular radio controlled indoor model


Vintage – and we don’t mean the pilot!


It is not just about flying – building your own can be very satisfying


We have a very country backdrop for our flying


The Christmas ‘Do’ is always popular


1959 Archive – a present day member of the Club shows off his first radio controlled glider


An iconic Spitfire – whilst this is a model a full size is a regular visitor to the skies above the Isle of Wight