Bembridge Airfield

Bembridge airfield was established in the 1920s to provide a base for aviation on the Isle of Wight.  Over time it has seen many changes as it followed the fortunes of the UK aviation industry but the overall airfield ownership has remained within the same family.  It continues to evolve and there is now a resurgence of general aviation activities.

Since it became the home of Hornets MFC we have received much support and encouragement for our model flying.

We are privileged to have our own flying ‘patch’ on the airfield for exclusive use by Club members.  This is located some distance to the north of the main airfield runway and the immediate surrounding area is free of obstructions.

Our model flying must integrate with the general aviation activities that take place at the airfield and of necessity we have to comply with a number of restrictions.  In return we have the use of what is arguably one of the best model flying sites in the south of England.

We would ask you to be aware that access to the airfield is restricted by the Airfield Management.  Consequently if you wish to visit our flying site as a spectator, as a potential new club member, or as a guest flyer, you must contact the club in advance.  The Contact Form on this website can be used for this purpose.