The Hornets MFC was founded in 1975 by a small group of model flyers some of whom are still active within our current membership.

Initially flying took place at the then disused Sandown Airport and the adjacent farm land.  Following the reopening of the Airport, the Club made several moves before settling in 1996 at our present site on Bembridge Airfield.  In addition to this location, we also have the use of two farm fields, one of which is exclusive for Silent Flight soaring.

We have approximately 50 members ranging in age from school students to adults enjoying retirement.

Our primary interests are the flying of Fixed Wing Power Aircraft and Silent Flight Electric Gliders.  Some members also indulge in other disciplines such as slope soaring, free flight, vintage and occasional control line.

Subject to the vagaries of the British weather flying takes place throughout the year.

During the summer period fun flying competitions are arranged including scale and soaring.  In the winter months indoor flying meetings take place in a sports hall.

Monthly non flying meetings are held where members get together to exchange ideas and experiences, chat and to show off their latest projects.  From time to time we have talks from visiting speakers.  

The Club organises trips to model shows on the mainland UK, (affectionately known as ‘North Island’).  Wings and Wheels at North Weald and the Large Model Association show at RAF Cosford are favourites with our members.

National and International competitions are supported by members, some travelling as far as Austria and Slovakia to participate.  Along with other UK flyers, our soaring contingent regularly competes at an annual F5J soaring competition in France, in the Loire Valley.

From its formation, the Club has been affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Association, formerly known as the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers).  This means that the club is supporting the work of the BMFA in protecting and investing in the future of model flying.  In return we receive the support of a national body that provides advice and assistance whenever required on all aspects of model flying activities including negotiations with regard to flying sites.

An important benefit of BMFA affiliation is that members receive insurance which provides Third Party Civil Liability indemnity.  This extends to the Committee Members of our affiliated Club and provides indemnity for all lawful activities of the Club.  There are a number of additional insurance benefits such as cover being provided to the landowners of our flying sites.

Safety is paramount. The club operates in accordance with the BMFA Safety Code together with some necessary extensions to account for our main flying site being on an operational airfield.

We encourage members to undertake the BMFA Proficiency and Achievement schemes with the aim of learning to fly safely, with good model flying airmanship and an awareness of the legalities associated with model flying.  The BPC (Basic Proficiency Certificate) or an ‘A’ Certificate is widely required to fly solo at many clubs around the UK.

A number of our members are available to provide instruction to BPC, ‘A’ and ‘B’ standard and we have three Club Examiners who are authorised to conduct the appropriate Tests.

Members are issued with a Club Handbook which contains detailed information on all aspects of our operation.  We use electronic communication to keep our members informed of important information, this usually being presented in a newsletter format.

New members are welcome whether they be complete novices or expert flyers.  If you would like to receive a Membership Application Leaflet, you can request a copy using the Contact Form on this website.